House and Surrounding

The house is situated above the cliffs and only around 200 meters from the sea.


Every morning you watch out of the window where you can see the garden and wide fields. Running over the fields you can also reach the small "Stonehenge" of Ærø - only 100 meters away from the house. From this point you have a great overview on the sea.


On the property there is also our Coast Gallery.


1,5 kilometers from the house there is a big beach where you can go for a swim. And many other beaches on the island invite for a stop.


The most beautiful town on the island, Ærøskøbing, with its small and nice harbour is about 15 minutes far away by car or in about 30 minutes to reach by bike. There you can also find various restaurants, shops, art, cultural events, a super- market and other cozy places.

The largest harbour on the island is located in the town Marstal and is also about 15 minutes away by car.


If you want to know more the Ærø Guide provides you with a lot of usefull information and might inspire you to make holidays on Ærø. You are welcome!


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